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Since August of 2014, I’ve been developing a 3d designed and printed cutterhead, codenamed Project Bladerunner. Bladerunner started as a dynamic stereo cutterhead. It has grown into a profressional grade stereo feedback cutterhead and is now called Mantra. Fabrication of critical parts in metal have been underway for the past 4 months. Final designs and production procedures are now being established. I should have the first run of production cutterheads completed by June of 2016.

My cutterhead employs precision wound coils using flat enameled wire and Neodymium Rare Earth Magenets. My results are quite promising. I’ve been shooting and posting many videos of the development progress. Have a look at our youtube page www.youtube.com/opcode66

I will be selling both dynamic and feedback versions of the Mantra Cutterhead very soon! I will have many options for the cutterhead, drive electronics, head protection and heating wire power supplies. I will be offering complete turnkey cutting drive systems that will include cabling and even a power amplifier if you like.

One of the most useful features of this radical new design is the modular transducer system. The coil assembly is entirely modular and can be easily replaced. They are very simple to remove and replace. If you blow a coil, you can be back up and running in no time.

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