February, 2018 Update

Over the past month I made final tweaks to the feedback components of the Mantra V2 transducers. I also acquired custom fabricated magnets for feedback. The refined physical design for feedback is superior to any previous build. Bench and disc tests will naturally be the final judge. :-)

Testing of this final plastic build will be performed using my own feedback pre-amp build, as well as my Neumann VG74+ rack. The drive and feedback coils are nearly identical to a Neuamnn SX cutterhead. The DC resistance is exactly identical. The AC impedance is very close. Mantra V2 can be used in place of any Nuemann SX cutterhead without modification to your Nuemann amp rack!

I haven’t had as much time to devote to Mantra V2 as I would have liked over the past 2 months. I got that flu and was sick for two weeks. I completed 8 mono cutterhead rebuilds and a bunch of firmware development which will pay for the metal body parts. As soon as testing is complete, the first round of metal body parts will be ordered. I’ll be making 5 complete feedback heads to start. Colors will be Black, Red and White.

Last bit of update… I recently acquired machinery and tooling to fabricate torque tubes with an extremely high degree of accuracy. The final plastic Mantra V2 cutterhead will feature a torque tube made using the new refined process, tooling and machinery.

December, 2017 Update

Dec. 16, 2017 – Just finalized the helium tubing and split for Mantra V2. Also have final feedback parts made! Everything fits perfectly. I should have a finished feedback plastic prototype very shortly. After bench test and test cuts, I’ll be sending out for the first run of metal body parts. Everything is coming along as expected given the time I have to work on this. Stay tuned!

Final Body Design!!!

Mantra V2 Dynamic Transducer Test
First dynamic transducer bench tests are absolutely fantastic. Clear, clean, full range and loud! See for yourself. I continue to refine every part. Very soon I’ll feel comfortable sending out for metal on all parts. The final part designs will be completed today. Next step is to build out both transducers with feedback. Then, perform final test cuts with the plastic body. It will definitely be sometime in January that I’ll have an all metal body prototype.

September, 2017 Update

Mantra V2
The old body design was simply too complex and therefore too costly to produce in metal. I’ve completely re-engineered my cutterhead. It is still modular. And, easy to repair. But, no longer user repairable. However, the new design is smaller than a Neumann SX cutterhead and it will easily fit on a Presto overhead. All the internals remain the same from the old version. Just the body changes. But, for the best. I think you’ll agree. Much more to come soon!

Pricing Has Just Been Announced!!! Click Here

Mantra Aluminum Cutterhead Body
I’ve been pushing hard to create an all metal version of Mantra. I’ve started with sections of the body which will screw together to form the a fully aluminum metal cutterhead body. Have a look at the progress. Since I have no formal training in machining, this represents a distinct learning curve for me.

Mantra Cutterhead Summary
Since August of 2014, I’ve been developing a 3d designed and printed cutterhead, codenamed Project Bladerunner. Bladerunner started as a dynamic stereo cutterhead. It has grown into a profressional grade stereo feedback cutterhead and is now called Mantra. Fabrication of critical parts in metal have been underway for the past 4 months. Final designs and production procedures are now being established. I should have the first run of production cutterheads completed by June of 2016.

My cutterhead employs precision wound coils using flat enameled wire and Neodymium Rare Earth Magenets. My results are quite promising. I’ve been shooting and posting many videos of the development progress. Have a look at our youtube page www.youtube.com/opcode66

I will be selling both dynamic and feedback versions of the Mantra Cutterhead very soon! I will have many options for the cutterhead, drive electronics, head protection and heating wire power supplies. I will be offering complete turnkey cutting drive systems that will include cabling and even a power amplifier if you like.

One of the most useful features of this radical new design is the modular transducer system. The coil assembly is entirely modular and can be easily replaced. They are very simple to remove and replace. If you blow a coil, you can be back up and running in no time.

If you have interest in being one of the first to own a Bladerunner cutterhead, please Sign Up Here.